08Apr 2024
Despite our initial worries, the movers arrived right on schedule and managed to complete our 50 mile move in a commendable time of only 3 hours! They showed great respect for our possessions and maintained a high standard of professionalism.
Geoffrey Bailey
11Mar 2024
My move was made so much easier thanks to Moving Firm' exceptional service - I am more than happy with their timeliness, courtesy, and attention to detail.
28Feb 2024
Choosing Removal Company was the best decision for my local move - not only did they offer an excellent quote but also made sure all my belongings arrived safely and efficiently. Thank you!
Laura Bekket
18Feb 2024
They were attentive, efficient, and always willing to go the extra mile.
Melanie E.
08Feb 2024
I've never had such a positive experience with a moving company before Removals. They truly care about their clients and it shows in every interaction.
Frank B.
29Jan 2024
With their expert skills, our furniture arrived at our new home unscathed, thanks to the crew's carefulness.
Danni Davies
19Jan 2024
The impeccable service provided by the removals team exceeded all expectations, could not have asked for a better experience.
Brandon Foster
15Feb 2023
The team at Removals did an outstanding job with my move! They arrived on time and handled everything with great care, dismantling and packing my things and delivering them safely. I highly recommend this removal company!
Maribell Little
27Jan 2023
Exceeding my expectations drastically, Removal Company were able to provide an exceptional rate for transport of my dining table, 6 chairs, sofa and various more small things. All pieces were delivered in perfect condition - thank you! Your professionalism has been praised. I enthusiastically recommend this service!
Alicia Smith
03Apr 2019
Not a bad word to say about Islington Movers or their movers. They treated me with utmost respect and did a fabulous job.
Kenny Joyce
28Aug 2017
From the first call, I knew that I had hired professionals. My call was answered within a few seconds, while the lady who answered was so polite. I wanted to know the price I would pay for the move. I got a promise to have some movers to come and estimate the cost. To me, this was a good move as I knew that the price would be based on the amount of work I had which is a fair move. The movers came on time to estimate the cost and during the moving day. Moreover, I paid the exact price they had quoted. Movers Islington is for sure the best house removals company.
Sophia Williams
21Aug 2015
I didn't have to worry about anything when I moved house because Removal Company did all the work for me! I chose to hire a few of their services - their packing and unpacking services and a man and van, just so that I wouldn't need to panic or waste any time. The whole staff did a fab job, and I couldn't ask for anything more! Wonderful services that really did save my moving day!
31Jul 2015
I just wanted to leave a note to say thanks to the team at Removals for doing such a professional and efficient job. You made the whole move flawless and it meant my family and I could enjoy the new home much quicker. Highly recommend.
Fabien S.
15Jan 2015
My husband is a diplomat so we move to different countries quite regularly. I've been using IslingtonRemovals for international removals for our last few moves. They are by far the most reliable and cost effective movers. They take care of all our shipping needs. The customer service team members are very friendly and helpful. I think they're getting to know me well at this point! I'd highly recommend this company to anyone moving abroad! Thanks so much!
Eve R.
12Nov 2014
I moved from a flat to a house and used the removal company called IslingtonRemovals. I was given the name and number by a friend who had also used their services. They offered great moving services at reasonable costs. I was helped along the way by a helpful team who also provided the packing supplies and services to help as I worked long hours. I think that they did an amazing job. The move went really well and there were no problems.
Rachael West
31Jul 2014
Thanks to the man and van that I hired from IslingtonRemovals my house move was really easy and I had nothing to worry about! I didn't think it was possible to move house in a stress-free way, but this service completely proved me wrong! The second my movers arrived they got right to work and they really took a lot of care when it came to carrying my heavy items and breakable objects. The company was really attentive and listened to my requests in an effort to provide the best service possible. I definitely wasn't disappointed and I would definitely use this service again!
Jonah G.
16Jul 2014
You will not do better for a decent domestic removal than with IslingtonRemovals. We used them last week, and they were amazing! I have never had better service form a team of staff in a long time, simply because they were so friendly. There was time to chat about football and the like whilst they got on with the job, and it did not seem to hinder their ability to get the job done quickly and professionally, with no breakages! The price was pretty good, and it all went rather well in general!
Mark Washington
26Jun 2014
If there's something nice to be said about a company's services then it bears repeating for all to hear. I was very happy with the recent furniture removals which I got from IslingtonRemovals who helped me move a few particularly old and delicate antiques in an expert manner. I really am surprised that more people don't know about what they have to offer as it is always a huge help to me when I come across a few older pieces which I know will be tough to move. Their expertise is hugely helpful and recommend them highly. Thanks again.
Tanya Parsons
29Apr 2014
I was very impressed with the service which we received from IslingtonRemovals and I wanted to come online and say that both my partner and I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the moving process for all of the difference they made. After they were recommended to me by a friend, I will certainly be continuing the favour and passing on their information to everyone who I hear is moving home and I thought that it was only right to come on here and make sure that people got a great review to see.
19Mar 2014
Putting it bluntly: IslingtonRemovals made sure our move went well. From the first phone call, where they gave us an excellent quote, right through to the moment when we were waving goodbye from our new home, the whole team worked tirelessly to ensure that we got the kind of service which we really wanted. Our whole family seems to have accumulated a huge amount of things which were in need of moving, but they barely even blinked and soon enough, it was all sat in the new home, waiting for us to settle in. Great service, hugely recommended.
Mark Carter
05Mar 2014
There is definitely something to be said for a company who can take a difficult process like moving home and turn it into something so simple. It's with this in mind that we would like to suggest IslingtonRemovals as being hugely helpful for any moving situation, just as they were with our move. In terms of what they did for us, they ensured that everything we own was delivered to the new address without issue and did so at a very reasonable price. An excellent service which everyone should look into.
07Feb 2014
There's only so often you can move home before knowing what makes a good removals company. After a few different moves, we've finally found our perfect match and I'm happy to say that I'd recommend IslingtonRemovals to all of my friends and family. The day went off without a hitch, and they helped us make a really good plan to make sure that we knew how easy the day would be. Whatever your circumstances, they go that extra distance to improve your entire moving process. So as well as friends and family, I'll leave this review here talking about how great they are.
Theresa Foster
08Jan 2014
In many ways, the best thing to do to avoid a removal taking its toll on you is to ensure that you have a great removals company on your side! It's pretty essential that there is nothing getting in your way as far as things like planning and organization go, and this is where someone who is experienced will be able to ensure that you are getting things done in a clever and intelligent way, rather than winging it! It's the kind of help I got from IslingtonRemovals so perhaps give them a shout to see if they can help you on your move!
19Dec 2013
Working with IslingtonRemovals saved me time and money on my home move. I couldn't believe how fast they were able to finish the move without sacrificing quality. They staff were consistently professional, friendly and hard working. They were always ready to work at the scheduled time. Working with IslingtonRemovals is such a relief. I didn't have to worry about anything, they took care of the entire process for me. I couldn't have asked for a better removal company. Most importantly, their prices were affordable, which is helpful for anybody on a budget. What a great company!
07Nov 2013
Essentially, a good move needs to be one that does not leave you wishing you had done it all yourself. After all, what is difficult about putting things in a van and driving them somewhere? I was ready to get the job done on my own as all of the quotes that I had been given were astronomical. My wife's friend gave me the number of IslingtonRemovals and the price was good, so we decided to give it a shot. It paid off, the service was great value and they did a better job than I would have, so I'm happy!
H. Matherson
28Oct 2013
I was dead happy with how our recent removal went, and it was all down to our removal men; IslingtonRemovals. They made everything happen so easily and quickly that I could not believe how simple they made it all look! The price was good, and the service came with a smile, which made all the difference. The team were very respectful of our belongings, and ensured that we were well looked after at all times, which was a great relief. The combination of great service and great value made for an almost pleasant removal, which was more than anyone expected!
Esmerelda Jenkins
16Oct 2013
Knowing full well that there were no ways around getting a move done without a removals company, I begrudgingly started calling round to a few companies. The results that I got were not hugely inspiring, either sounding uninterested or charging way too much. That was until I talked to IslingtonRemovals who's quote was fair and who seemed to be very pleasant and engaging down the phone. I knew that these were diamonds in the rough and hired them. I'm glad I did, the service was excellent, and I could not fault the job that they did for me.
Lucy Pinder